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Umbrella Insurance in Louisiana

There are so many things in today's society and culture that can land you in a civil court. You might have a "side gig" where you sell at craft shows. You might be an active hunter, fisherman or ATV enthusiast. You might volunteer for a local charity or church. All these situations can expose you to a liability lawsuit and most such situations aren't covered with the liability coverage included in your regular home and auto policies. That's why you need umbrella insurance coverage.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a blanket policy that offers liability insurance for you and your family in a myriad of situations not usually covered by your regular insurance policies. These types of policies also offer protection against slander, libel and even invasion of privacy. In addition to the situations we alluded to above, you might want to consider this extra coverage if you own rental houses, if you coach a children's sports team or if you sit on the board of a non-profit organization. You can probably think of several parts of your life where you are vulnerable to being sued. An umbrella policy protects your assets by giving you funds to help settle or defend a civil lawsuit for a covered reason. In our litigious society, it just makes good business sense to have umbrella insurance.

The best part of an umbrella policy is that one policy covers you and your immediate family for all these situations. You don't need to purchase a separate policy for each of your outside activities.

To learn more about how an umbrella insurance policy can help you protect yourself and your family from liability in our litigious culture, contact Bright Auto Insurance in New Orleans, LA. We've been helping south Louisiana residents like you with their insurance needs for more than a decade.


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