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Louisiana Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Louisiana

Motorcycle road trips are a great incentive for buying a bike. As fun and exciting as motorcycle road trips can be, it’s also important to care for your investment. Motorcycle insurance from Bright Auto Insurance in New Orleans, LA, will protect you, others and your bike on the road. Here’s what you should know about insuring your motorcycle in Louisiana.

Mandatory Liability Coverage

Motorcycle liability coverage is mandatory in Louisiana to protect other riders/drivers in accidents you cause. If you’re held responsible for an accident that sends someone to the hospital or destroys another driver’s property, liability insurance covers the cost of medical bills and damages.

Louisiana requires that you obtain minimum liability coverage. If you feel minimum coverage isn’t enough, you can always increase your limits for greater protection against serious accidents that cause severe injuries or property damage to others.

Optional Coverage

Your Bright Auto Insurance agent also offers optional motorcycle insurance coverage to protect your bike against theft or accidental damages.

Collision insurance covers repairs to your bike if it’s damaged in a collision, whether you hit another vehicle, tree, wall or other objects.

Comprehensive insurance covers repairs to your bike if it’s damaged by wind, hail or other inclement weather. If you hit an animal or your bike is vandalized, comprehensive pays for repair costs. You’re also covered if your bike is stolen from your home, at work or while you’re on the road.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage covers the cost of repairing your bike if it’s hit by another driver who doesn’t have proper insurance coverage.

Roadside Assist pays for towing your bike to the shop if it suddenly stops working on the road.

Motorcycle insurance coverage in Louisiana must be purchased from licensed insurers within the state. Bright Auto Insurance in New Orleans, LA fits the bill. Whether you use your bike for work or pleasure, contact us for the motorcycle insurance you need to protect you against unforeseen disasters.


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