Know how the claim process works if your home is damaged

The purpose of homeowners’ insurance is to provide financial assistance if you experience an accident or emergency. However, if you have never had to submit a claim for damage to your home before, this process may be unfamiliar and confusing. A basic outline of the claims process can provide some much-needed assistance. There are also agents available from Bright Auto Insurance in New Orleans, LA, and provide support to customers.  

Make sure the type of damage or loss is covered

After an incident, it is vital to review your policy to make sure the loss is covered. Most policies have broad coverage that protects against severe weather, theft, fire, liability from lawsuits, and many other common problems. However, the insurance provider will only pay out if the type of damage is included under your policy

Document the losses

Taking pictures and making a list with corresponding values of damaged items or property repair costs can help prove the damage and claim amount to the insurance company.

Speak with an adjuster

In most situations, the insurance company will send an adjuster to view the damage and come up with a value for the losses based on what they see. In some cases where there are disputes, a second opinion can be obtained. 

Know your deductible

You will have to pay a certain amount out upfront before the insurance provider covers your losses under most policies.

Get help from an agent now

For additional information about submitting claims in New Orleans, LA, you can speak with an agent from Bright Auto Insurance to set up a new policy and learn more about getting paid for losses.