Is Umbrella Insurance Right For You?

In today’s society, there are a variety of ways that individuals decide to live and earn a living wage. There are also a variety of activities to participate in during your free time (i.e., volunteer for non-profit organizations, and coaching kids sports) where the craziest problems can occur. We currently live in a litigious society, and it is vital to protect yourself at all times.

We are Bright Auto Insurance based in New Orleans, LA, and our mission is to make sure that our clients are protected with great insurance options. Sometimes individuals just don’t want to see others progress and be better than them in life. While we live in a society where individuals have freedom of speech, there are some situations where speaking with the intention of harming someone’s reputation is not wise. 

With umbrella insurance, individuals can be protected under a variety of situations that some of their current insurance policies do not cover. For example, civil lawsuits revolving around the invasion of privacy, slander, and libel have become daily reasons for lawsuits. Whether it is being done out of spite, or because an individual is trying to make their business look better than their competition, it happens. Is it fair to the individual who is the defendant and has done no wrong? No, it is not. This is why umbrella insurance is so important to have as a protection to one’s personal reputation or business. 

Would you like to set up a consultation meeting with one of our agents to discuss beneficial umbrella insurance policies for you? We are here to make sure that you are covered with the proper insurance. Feel free to contact our office in New Orleans, LA to speak with a member of our team. We can help answer your questions and get you started with an auto insurance policy.