What Are the Benefits of Buying a DOT Approved Helmet?

No question wearing a helmet can save your life. You can find helmets in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. If you are ready to buy a new helmet, always look for the DOT sticker at the center/back. This simple sticker ensures that the helmet meets the strictest standards for safety. In New Orleans, LA, the agents at Bright Auto Insurance can give you pointers on what to look for in a good motorcycle helmet.

Meets State Requirements

DOT-approved helmets are designed to meet very strict safety standards. The Department of Transportation has set standards for both durability and strength to ensure that if an accident does occur, the helmet will be able to withstand the impact of hitting hard objects. There are also requirements placed on the type of clasps and straps that can be used to fasten the helmet. 

Built for Protection

The shell of the helmet must be made to withstand excessive amounts of pressure during impact. The inner cushion is designed to mold to the head of the rider for an added level of comfort and security. Clasps and straps are designed to create a secure connection that will hold the helmet in place if an accident occurs.

When purchasing a helmet, it is vital that you know what to look for. In addition to the DOT sticker, you also need a helmet that fits securely and does not shift while you are riding. Call the agents of Bright Auto Insurance today if you live in or near New Orleans, LA, and have questions. Each agent has the knowledge and experience to assist you in making the right decision.